SEDRA: Special Education Disabilities Resources & Advocacy


Navigating the Special Education maze is hard, SEDRA makes it Easy!

Special Education Workshops:
Learn to navigate the IEP maze. I walk you through the Special Education process from the initial contact with your district to the Final Individualized Education Plan known as an IEP.

Need Help finding community resources, funding sources, legal services, school information?  I'll help connect you. 

Do you need help with scheduling meetings, interpreting reports, knowing what assessments are needed, and the services your child needs?  The IEP process can be intimidating.  Having the right knowledge is empowering.  I'll help you get there.

Educational Evaluations:
Most school districts use the Woodcock Johnson 3 to evaluate a child's academic skills. My educational evaluations do more. The Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement Looks at math, reading, oral and written language and provides an error analysis which can help to create more detailed and focused educational objectives. The Test of Auditory Perceptual Skills evaluates auditory skills including memory, dicrimination and processing. The Developmental Test of Visual Perception evaluates visual skills including memory and eye-hand coordination.  The Oral Written Language Scales further evaluates individual written language skills and the Test of Problem Solving looks at both pragmatic/social language and problem solving skills.

Share Your Story:
Come join my blog and share your experience and valuable information
with other families of individuals with special needs. 

Learning Activity Kits:
Here is a fun way for your child to learn. Custom made to address your child's specific needs. Letter and number tiles, notch'em block connectors, animal counters, measuring worms, magnet links and more.  Kits for age 3 years and up.  Contact me to schedule a consult.